Four Holidays and Celebrations

The following PowerPoint is the final one posted on my page in the grade four section. The Powerpoint contains vocabulary for different holidays and celebrations. I hope that all of my PowerPoints have helped you through the process of instructing French as a Second Language :):

French Holidays

Shown below is a poster activity for “les fêtes et célébrations” where students create a poster for the twelve holidays illustrated in the PowerPoint presentation. For this poster project, students must include a title (les fêtes et célébrations) and the spelling for all French holidays and celebrations. Note: Students should ensure that they are paying close attention to the “French” spelling of the various holidays and celebrations.

One option when learning about “les fêtes et célébrations,” is to create a greeting card for one of the four main holidays. Just have the students use Google translate to convert their message into French from English. Illustrated below is an example of a greeting card for “Noël” (note: if you have students that do not celebrate Christmas, you can create a holiday greeting card instead):

Another example of a project that you can have your students complete when learning about “la fête de la Saint Valentin” is to create a heart word cloud containing different words in French that are related to Valentine’s Day. Students can use Google translate and Valentine’s Day word lists to retrieve French words associated with “la fête de la Saint Valentin.” I used “Festisite” to create my heart (this website is soooo easy to navigate and use). The more words that students choose, the bigger their heart gets! Students should select a minimum of ten words related to Valentine’s Day. The link to Festivite and my exemplar are shown: