My Elementary School

A fantastic way to start off the school year is to hold a discussion about what motivates your students when learning French. Discussing topics of interest will help you tailor your instruction to individual student needs and preferences. By focusing on student interests, you will engage your students further with the French language and culture. Having students complete a KWL Chart is also a great way to identity student strengths and areas for growth in French. A KWL Chart is attached below:

KWL Chart

I created the following PowerPoint about telling time and recorded audio into the file. All that you have to do is click the play button and listen to the pronunciation with your students. This PowerPoint is the first in a series of PowerPoints that I created to assist in teaching different concepts learned throughout the Grade Five FSL program of studies. Having your students repeat back various French words is a fantastic way to extend on oral speaking skills learned in Grade Four! Hopefully my PowerPoint will make the time-telling process in French easier to understand :):

The Time of Day

The following Youtube clip is a fun, flashy and engaging video that can be used to reinforce time-telling skills in French. There are several words that students should be familiar with from Grade Four in addition to new vocabulary. Having students pick out keywords that they know and infer what words mean in French is a great way to develop language learning-skills:

I have attached an iMovie script along that focuses on “les temps pendent la journée.” Technology is always a fun and innovative way to engage students in learning oral speaking and presentation skills. Allowing students to use different features within iMovie like templates, props, sounds, etc. really helps to encourage creativity when producing their videos. The following iMovie focuses on two people, one of whom is very lazy and sleeps the day away. The other character impatiently answers her friend’s question “what time it is?” as she occasionally wakes up throughout the day :):


* I always make sure to read iMovie scripts aloud and have the students write the words out in a way that will help them remember the pronunciation. *

Illustrated below is the clock that I created for my iMovie exemplar. In the past, I have shown my students this example and then had them create their own clocks for their iMovies:

Posted below is a generic French presentation rubric that I use to assess student performances and iMovies. This is the same presentation rubric that is posted in the Grade Four section:

Linked below is a PowerPoint with vocabulary for various Primary school subjects. Audio included!:

Elementary School Subjects

Your students can demonstrate their technological ingenuity by creating French timetables in Word :D. You will need to demonstrate how to use tables, merge cells and save files, but the kids should be able to work relatively independently following this instruction. My exemplar along with a student checklist is located below:

If you are intimidated by technology, no need to worry! This activity can be completed without the use of a computer. I have attached an example along with a blank template for student use:

Mon Horaire Blank Template