Le Festival Du Voyageur

The Festival du Voyageur is a very amusing and historic winter festival that takes place in Winnipeg, Manitoba each year. There are many fun and exciting winter activities to participate in at the Festival. Attached below is a Webquest (with answers included) that students could complete when learning about the Festival du Voyageur:

Festival du Voyageur Webquest
Festival du Voyageur Answers

Following the Webquest, I would suggest playing one of the many informative and engaging videos about the Festival du Voyageur. I have posted a Rick Mercer Report Video below (got to love Rick Mercer :D):

Another follow up activity to the Festival du Voyageur could be to create a brochure advertising the Festival du Voyageur. Students can use the links from the Webquest, the video or research and find their own information. My exemplar and a checklist with guidelines is shown below:

Brochure Guidelines:

1. Students must find at least 5 interesting pieces of information associated with the “Festival du Voyageur.”

2. The interesting pieces of information is completely at the discretion of the students. However, it must be relevant to “Festival du Voyageur.”

3. Students should include a picture on each page of their brochures that is applicable to the information that they have found.

4. Students must retrieve information from a minimum of 3 different sources.

5. Students work together in groups of 1-2 to find the information and design their brochures.

6. If working in pairs, students MUST contribute equally when retrieving information and designing the brochure.

7. Students must present their brochures to their classmates and demonstrate familiarity of the topic. Each group member must present some information that is decided amongst group members.

* An alternative assignment could be to create an advertisement for the festival. Similar guidelines can be used. *