My Home

“My Home,” our newest unit :)! My PowerPoint for different types of dwellings is attached below. Enjoy!:


A fun followup activity to the PowerPoint about types of dwellings is to create a flip book. This assignment can be differentiated for higher and lower learners, as well as modified depending on your class’ needs and interests :):

A fun oral-speaking activity that can be used as an enrichment or whole class project is to create an iMovie using the students’ flip books. I really enjoy creating iMovies with my students, and I hope that you and your students will find this activity enjoyable as well :)! A script for the video below:

Les logements

The next topic of study is the “Interior of a House.” I have split this PowerPoint into two parts, as there is a great deal of vocabulary to learn! However, you also have the option of going through both PowerPoints in one lesson and reviewing the vocabulary:

Parts of a Home- Part 1
Parts of a Home- Part 2

Surpise, surprise! Another Alain le Lait video for you and your students to watch and sing along with! This clip will assist them in further enriching their understandings of the different furniture and items commonly found in a bedroom. This video is a gooder! Enjoy :):

Illustrated below are some suggestions for activities related to the Parts of a Home PowerPoints:

1. Sketch an imaginary house on graph paper that is labelled the corresponding vocabulary for different rooms and items found in you home.
2. Create a diorama where you build a house and label the different rooms and items found in your home.
*Both of these learning tasks are very similar to the imaginary school activity and school diorama found in the “My Elementary School” section of the website. Click here to access these activities*
3. Design a board game using vocabulary associated with “My Home.” Your students will have lots of fun playing each others’ games once they are finished :)! A checklist for this activity, along with my exemplar are located below. :

When students are drafting out questions for their games, they should use the phrasing “Qu’est ce que c’est ______” (What is a ______)?

* Note: Your more technologically savvy students could make a Jeopardy game as an alternative to the board game. Click here to access JeopardyLabs.*