Oh Clothing, a very fun topic to learn about for the girls in your class! Sometimes this topic may not be as engaging for the boys, but hopefully my PowerPoints and activities will help to make this unit more enjoyable for the young men in your classroom :). I have posted my PowerPoint about clothing items below:


The first project that I complete with my class following my PowerPoint about clothing is a drawing activity where my students draw a character (either real or imaginary) and label their drawing using the corresponding vocabulary from the PowerPoint. I also have my students write the colour for each article of clothing. Make sure when labeling items with colours that the adjective agrees with the noun it is describing, depending on if the clothing item is feminine or masculine (ex. un chandail vert/ une chemise bleue). My exemplar and checklist are illustrated below. Enjoy :):

Les accessoires (accessories) is another area of focus this unit. Please find my PowerPoint for this topic attached below :):


A fun culminating activity for this unit is to host a fashion show (your girls will LOVE this)! For the fashion show, students can get into groups of two and practice their pronunciation, where one student says the phrase “Voici ______. Il/ Elle porte…) and then tells in French what their partner is wearing (To differentiate, you can have your higher students describe accessories as well). Students then switch roles and the other partner speaks. French pronunciation is a key component in this activity and students should be given ample time to practice their oral speaking skills. You can choose to either have your students record their videos, or hold a class fashion shown where each student presents.