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Our Friends- The Animals

The final topic of study this unit is les animaux et leurs habitats (animal habitats). I have attached my PowerPoint for this theme below:

Animal Habitats

A corresponding activity for animal habitats is to create a mini carousel display with limited materials and preparation :D! My exemplar is depicted below. I had my students choose four animal and their habitats to create their displays, ensuring that they correctly labelled and neatly decorated their carousel:

Animal Habitats Carousel

Here are a couple of animal habitats that my students created as well :):

Student Exemplar  Student Exemplar

As a concluding activity for this unit, your students could either create an online word-search (the link to an online word-search creator is pasted below) or use graph paper. You could also print the wordsearch below and have your students complete the activity:

A-Z Word Search Creator

Animals Word Search


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