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Our Friends- The Animals

Les Animaux (animals) are one of my favorite topics in the Grade Five FSL Program of Studies :)! Posted below is my PowerPoint with vocabulary for the names of common farm and wild animals. This PowerPoint is an extension of the Grade Four unit about common domestic animals:

Les Animaux

Embedded below is a video from my favorite French singer (you guessed it :D!), Alain le Lait. This video is a cute and entertaining clip that will help students learn the names of some common farm animals: A fun followup activity to learning common farm and wild animals is to create a zoo :D! Your students will LOVE this activity and can use either graph or plain white paper to design and decorate their zoos. If students want to add additional animals into their zoo, I welcome their enthusiasm! My students are required to include at least eight animals in their zoo from the PowerPoint, then they can look up the names of other animals online or on a translator app. My checklist and exemplar are posted below :):

Mon zoo checklist


Physical traits of animals is the next topic of study.  I have attached my PPT about animal body parts below. Enjoy :):

Animal Body Parts

An engaging activity that helps students apply the vocabulary that they just learned is to create an Animal perdu! (lost pet) poster. My exemplar along with a student checklist is depicted below:

Animal Perdu! Poster

Animal perdu! Checklist

I have also included sentence starters for the Animal perdu! activity to help students generate ideas for creating a description of their animals. Some students may not need to use the sentence starters, but it is a great way to differentiate this activity for your lower level learners :)!

Animal perdu! Sentence Starters

A followup or extension activity to the “Animal perdu!” activity is to create a “missing animal newscast.” This is somewhat of an ambitious project, so it might be better suited for your higher level learners, as the vocabulary may be difficult for some students to pronounce. I used my “Animal perdu!” poster to create my example newscast :):

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