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It is always a good idea to review vocabulary learned in previous grades, especially when students need a solid understanding of the material before advancing. It would be beneficial for you to review numbers 0-69 with your students before teaching them numbers to one thousand. Attached below are PowerPoints with French numbers from 70-99 and 100-1 000. Audio included!:

French Numbers 70-99
French Numbers 100-1000

As written in the Grade Five FSL Program of Studies, students must expand on their knowledge of French numbers and learn the written form of numbers from 70-99. A fun way to integrate technology when teaching this concept is to have your students create Tagxedos with written numbers in French from 70-99. An extension of this activity could be for students to partner up and take turns pointing to the French written words for different numbers that one partner calls out. The Tagxedo website and an exemplar are located below:

Numbers 70-99 Tagxedo Examplar

An engaging game for students to practice learning French numbers is “Shake a Number.” For this game, students form groups of two to four. Students are then given an empty pop bottle with bingo chips inside that each have a number written on them from 70-99 on them.  The first player begins by shaking the bottle and drawing a chip. If the student can correctly pronounce the number drawn, he or she scores a point and it becomes the next players turn. The first player to reach ten points wins.

I had my students each create a Voki after learning how to count by hundreds to one thousand in French. Below, is an example Voki that I created along with a script for the students to follow when creating their own Vokis:

Voki Script

Learning about food is one of my favorite topics, yum! Posted below is a PowerPoint that includes terminology for healthy snacks. Bon appetit :)!:

Healthy Snacks

Guess who is back?!?! Only my favorite French singer alain le lait. The following video is an awesome teaching tool to learn about fruits in French:

Creating a short oral presentation following instruction about healthy snacks is a fun activity for students. I have my students pick one item from each of the four food groups in my PowerPoint to create a balanced and healthy snack. They draw, cut out and use these food items as props in an iMovie presentation. I have posted my script, checklist and exemplar below:

Collation Script

"La collation" Checklist

If you are not feeling the iMovie, you could also create a well-balanced snack on a plate and label each of the foods that you have included. I like to ensure that my students have at least one item from each of the food groups presented in the PowerPoint:

Snack Plate

Another fun activity that you could do with your students is to create a menu. You could also open a restaurant and have some students take orders and prepare the food, while others could eat the food. Students could then swap roles. My exemplar is shown below:


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