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My Elementary School

A PowerPoint for “l’école primaire” (Elementary School) is attached below. This is my favorite PowerPoint, because it uses Springfield Elementary (from my FAVORITE television show of ALL TIME) to illustrate the different locations inside and outside of an elementary school :):

Elementary School

The following attachment contains vocabulary for various rooms around the school. Students can have fun posting these laminates around their school in order to educate others and to refer back to the vocabulary that they learned in the PowerPoint  :):

Mon Ecole Laminates

An activity that you can do with your students regarding l’école primaire is to create a diorama. My examplar is illustrated below along with a rubric that I use to evaluate the students’ dioramas:

Elementary School DioramaElementary School Diorama 2Elementary School Diorama 3

Diorama Rubric

As an alternative project to the diorama, you have the option of creating and labeling an “Imaginary School” on grid paper. My exemplar and a rubric to assess the students’ “École imaginaire” are shown below:

Ecole Imaginaire

Ecole Imaginaire Rubric

As an extension project for both the diorama and “École Imaginaire” illustration, students could use Google Translate to write a description of their school. My exemplar is depicted below:

Mon Ecole Write-Up

The following presentation is a continuation to my “Important People in the Classroom” PowerPoint from the Grade Four section of my website. The following PowerPoint focuses on vocabulary related to school personnel:

School Personnel

An engaging and relevant followup activity is to create Name Badges for different school personnel. This activity is easy to differentiate for, as higher students can complete cards for each title and lower students can create a minimum required amount of badges. I have posted exemplars for both digital and handwritten badges. Your students can take pictures OR they can save images from Google Images and upload them into the digital badge creator :):

Digital Badge Exemplar

Badge Maker Website

Digital Badge

*Note: In French, Mr. and Mrs. is abbreviated as M. for Monsieur and Mme. for Madame*

Pasted below is the link to a Jeopardy game I created which focuses on vocabulary associated with: telling time, elementary school locations, subjects and school personnel. Enjoy :):

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