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Attached below is a PowerPoint with seven common French shapes:

Les Formes

An activity that your students can complete when practicing “les formes” is to create a virtual poster at:

This poster maker is very easy to use and requires no login. All of the shapes and text are readily accessible and can be easily manipulated. Just give your students the names of the shapes (un cercle, un carée, un triangle, un oval, un rectangle, un coeur,  un étoile) and show them how to navigate the website (check out the website… Trust me, it is easy to figure out). Students should attempt to pair up as many shapes as possible with the correct terminology. The little tech wizards will have this website figured out in no time :). Once the poster is complete, you can easily download it and save it to a flash drive or Google Drive.

Les Formes Poster

“Les Formes” Poster Examplar

To assess student knowledge of French shapes, I have included an evaluation page below. This page is similar to the “French Colours” assessment as it is differentiated so that you can ask your students about “les formes” with either a visual or written word:

Les Formes Assessment

The following attachment contains a PowerPoint with vocabulary for important people at school:

Important People in the Classroom

An activity that you can do with your class is a mini poster of “les personnages de la classe.” Have students begin by folding a a blank piece of paper in a Hot Dog Fold then unfold. Next, fold the piece of paper in a Hamburger Fold and unfold. The paper should now have four boxes to work with. At the top of each box, write the name of an important person from school (eg. ami(e), camarade de classe, professeur and directeur (or directrice)). Next, Draw a picture of each person in the respective boxes. Decorate the poster once the drawings are complete.

Important People at School Mini-Poster

Using online software at Big Huge Labs, students can also create trading cards for important people at school. Students can either take photos (I used photo booth) or use pictures off the internet. The link to Big Huge Labs and an exemplar is shown below:

Professeur Trading Card

If this activity seems too techy, have no fear! You also have the option of creating your own trading cards using classroom supplies such as: construction paper, markers, pencil crayons, crayons or whatever you can think of!

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